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Chardonnay has a rich bouquet, with hints of very ripe fruit (apple, banana and pear) and lime-blossom, typical of this grape variety. A suggestion of honey shows that this wine comes from a warm region.
This rich, full-bodied, wine has a beautiful honeyed aftertaste. This Chardonnay is smooth, elegant and powerful. It reflects the fine winegrowing soil and warm sunshine.
The grapes are harvested before they become over-ripe to ensure that the wine has finesse and a fine bouquet.

The blend with Colombard gives freshness and vivacity to this wine

It is perfect with relaxed food or even served on its own.

Technical Sheet
Technical Sheet
Wine name
Cepages Chardonnay-Colombard
Appellation Vin de pays Cotes de Gascogne
Grape varieties
50% Chardonnay and 50% Colombard